Who we are

At The Future of VR, we believe that virtual reality and augmented reality will slowly but surely take over the world and we are here to keep you well informed about all that’s happening in the world of VR.

Our goal is to make sure you are at the forefront of this revolution and to help you make smart investments in VR, whether it be as a business or a consumer. But how are you supposed to make an informed decision when there is so much misinformation going around? You could rely on our team of seasoned tech experts who have several decades of experience between them in all aspects of tech, computing and gaming. They will weed out the overhyped news from the soon-to-be successes. We cover everything, from which VR headset will get you the most out of your console to which VR game is going to be the next trailblazer and even the up-and-coming VR applications like those for fitness. We aim to bring our readers all this and much more reliable information in an easy-to-understand format which they can count on immediately.

Meet our dedicated

TheFutureofVR Team

Frank Andrews

Industry Expert

During my extensive time in the industry, I have seen several technologies go bust, but I am truly excited in seeing how VR changes the industry forever.

Kevin Smith

Tech Investor

I have invested in several tech ventures over the years which have impacted society deeply. Now I am looking at VR to help find the solutions for the challenges we are facing today.

Erica Carter

Professor of Computer Science

Throughout my career as an academic, I haven’t seen many things that promise as much as VR does. My work involves constant research in VR trends, and I hope to deliver all the latest news to our visitors.

Adam Cain

Software Developer

I have been a software developer for over a decade now and have seen the industry go through several transitions. I am here to make sure you don’t drop the ball on VR.

James Perry

Graphic Designer

For the past decade, I have made my living as a freelance graphic designer. I am excited in going on a journey with you all to see what VR does to the future of graphic design.

Carol James

Tech Journalist

I am a tech geek and have dedicated my life to writing about all the up-and-coming tech. Now, my focus is entirely on VR and I believe beyond the shadow of a doubt that VR is the future.

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