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Black Box VR Partners With EoS Fitness to Bring VR Workouts to Members


It’s a well-known fact that working out at a gym isn’t the most exciting experience and a big factor in why many either don’t go or struggle to main a regimen. Which was the whole reason Black Box VR was set up in 2016 to utilise immersive technology as a training aid. Recently, the company announced a partnership with EoS Fitness to install its tech at several locations.

Black Box VR

This summer Black Box VR will install its resistance training machines in four EoS Fitness locations (six in each) across Arizona and California, making it the first national US gym brand to offer members a VR solution.

Taking up a 10-foot-by-10-foot space, the VR machines provide a low-impact workout environment designed to build strength, increase cardiovascular endurance, decrease body fat and increase muscle. Members will be able to complete various sets and reps which then automatically adjust while AI tracks movements, corrects form and changes resistance to keep them in that crucial muscle building, fat burning zone. VRFocus tested the kit during CES 2018 during its first unveiling.

“Black Box VR is a first for the fitness industry. Whether our members are super competitive or simply want to challenge themselves with something new, this full-body, strength-training-based workout is an innovative new option to ensure working out at the gym is never boring. Our goal is to continue to challenge our members and communities by bringing them cutting-edge fitness options to keep them coming back for more. Black Box VR completely tests your physical limits, all while playing a game,” said Rich Drengberg, CEO of EoS Fitness in a statement. 

Black Box VR

“We couldn’t be more proud to bring this fitness innovation to the world with EoS Fitness as our partner. The entire EoS team is focused on helping members reach their fitness goals and they relentlessly seek out the exciting new ways to make that possible. There’s no better place to launch the VR fitness revolution than right inside an EoS Fitness club,” said Ryan DeLuca, Co-Founder and CEO of Black Box VR.

EoS Fitness will be offered an initial free trial and then as an add-on amenity. Black Box VR plans on expanding its market roll out over the next couple of years. For further VR fitness updates, keep reading VRFocus.

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