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Boneworks Dev’s Next Game Will Be On Quest And Steam


Boneworks developer Stress Level Zero’s next game will be available on both the Oculus Quest and PC VR via Steam.

The team’s Brandon J Laatsch confirmed as much on Twitter this week. Asked if the team was working on Quest, the developer replied: “Yeah, we’re using it as an opportunity to optimize across the board to more efficiently use hardware. It’s easy to take the PC power for granted and slip into inefficiency, especially on the CPU. So our next game will be coming to Quest and Steam.”

Laatsch didn’t specifically confirm that this new game was the same project announced at Oculus Connect back in 2019, though it’s likely. That project is a new title set in the Boneworks universe, though we don’t know if it will be a direct sequel to the 2019 first-person shooter or a spin-off of some sort. Late last year Laatsch said the game wouldn’t be revealed until 2020, though it’s still not clear if a reveal is on the cards for this year.

Still, Boneworks made its name on a revolutionary physics system that turned essentially any item into a weapon and let players navigate environments and puzzles how they choose. Bringing that sort of system to Quest would be demanding, though The Walking Dead: Saints And Sinners features similar mechanics and just pulled off a great Quest port, so we have high hopes for Stress Level Zero’s next game.

What are you hoping to see from the next game from the makers of Boneworks? Let us know in the comments below!

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This post appeared first on this site

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