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Cartoon Network Journeys VR Updated With New Content, Index Support


Cartoon Network Journeys VR released last year as a free experience for SteamVR users, with three separate ‘journeys’ on offer. Now, the game has received a new journey that is unlocked after completing its existing content.

As we noted upon release last year, Cartoon Network Journeys VR features new content and characters created by the Cartoon Network team for VR. Sadly, it doesn’t feature anything from Cartoon Network classics like Dexter’s Laboratory or The Powerpuff Girls, but instead opts for to tell an original story through the VR medium.

On launch, the game was available for free and featured three different experiences — Beyond Beevile, Jest to Impress and Kosma Kwest. The new journey added to the game is an extension of Kosma Kwest, called Kosma Kwest: The Lost Episode. The bonus journey is described by the developers on Steam as follows:

A tale of two capadildong caterpillars, each living in mirror opposite dimensions. Befriend one and isolate the other. Learn the pointless importance of dimensional currency and balance – all while being guided by your favorite honey child deity, Kosma.

This is a re-master of the original, unreleased pilot for Kosma Kwest. Created by the same Cartoon Network team that brought you Kosma Kwest.

There’s also a new mode called King Mode, and while the patch notes don’t make it clear what it actually entails, it apparently unlocks after completing the Jest to Impress journey.

Valve Index owners can also now enjoy the experience, as support has been added for the headset and its controllers.

Have you tried Cartoon Network Journeys VR? What did you think? Let us know in the comments.

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This post appeared first on this site

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