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Iron Man VR Tops July US PS Store Charts, Beat Saber Holds EU


Tony Stark has fought his new nemesis, Beat Saber, to a standstill in July’s PlayStation Store charts.

Iron Man VR, the PSVR exclusive blockbuster that released on July 3rd, topped the US and Canada Store charts for the month. Beat Saber followed in second but, in the EU, the situation is reversed; Beat Saber held onto first place with the new Marvel game following up behind.

Keep in mind that Iron Man VR was also sold in boxes at retail, and these charts don’t count those sales. It’s quite possible that, with those sales considered, the game could still be on top in the EU. Certainly, it performed well in the first two weeks of the UK’s physical sales charts. There was also a Move bundle in the EU and a PSVR bundle in the US to help move things along.

Elsewhere, both The Walking Dead: Saints & Sinners and Gorn stayed strong in July. Skydance Interactive’s zombie-slayer hit the fourth spot in the US and EU, while Gorn was fifth in the US and seventh in the EU. All the usuals – Superhot, Job Simulator, Moss and Creed — help fill out the rest.

It’s good to see new PSVR games populating a list that’s so often dominated by titles that are years old now. We don’t have much else on the release radar for the headset in August, though there’s a State Of Play broadcast in a few hours’ time that could well give us more to look forward to. We’ll bring you all the updates from the event.

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This post appeared first on this site

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