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‘Iron Man VR’ Update Adds New Weapons, New Game+, Improved Loading Times


Iron Man VR, the PSVR exclusive superhero game which launched last month, has received a free update with an iron fistful of improvements.

Announced on the PlayStation Blog, and available now, the v1.06 Iron Man VR update brings a heap of improvements ranging from new weapons, game modes, skins, and faster loading times.

Players who beat the game already will have access to the New Game+ mode which allows them to start the game anew with all of their previously earned upgrades. That ought to make it easier for players that want to tackle the game’s harder difficulties. Speaking of which—the update also adds a new ‘Ultimate’ difficulty that’s even harder that the previous highest difficulty of ‘Invincible’.

The new game mode and difficulty will pair quite nicely with the addition of four new weapons added to Iron Man VR in update 1.06:

Continuous Beam Repulsor

Allows you to sustain a beam for several seconds, dealing continuous damage as long as it’s held.

EM Charge Cannon

It can fire a charged shot right through the hardlight shields of those pesky Skull, Revenant, and Wight drones.

Micro Swarm

A ‘fire-and-forget’ intelligent anti-swarm weapon, great for disabling large groups of enemies.

Gravity Bomb

Creates a singularity that traps multiple enemies in a single location and is perfect for setting up a devastating shot from the Scatter Shot or Anti Armor Missile!

Iron Man VR update 1.06 also brings with it some much requested quality-of-life improvements. For one, the studio says that the game’s long loading times, which were widely decried, have been improved “across the board.”


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When replaying missions, players will now also have the option to skip cinematics without loading the entire cinematic first, further reducing the amount of time that players must spend in loading screens.

The update also makes two of the game’s side-missions skippable right out of the gate, allowing players to get to the game’s core campaign content more quickly.

And last but not least, update 1.06 to Iron Man VR adds eight new armor skins which are unlockable by completing eight new challenges.

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In our review of Iron Man VR we called the title VR’s “first great superhero game,” and scored it an 8.5 out of 10.

Iron Man VR isn’t perfect, but it’s the most complete and compelling VR superhero game to date. Studio Camouflaj has crafted a experience which feels whole by successfully weaving unique VR gameplay with an iconic character and a worthwhile story. Most of the game’s ideas are well executed—especially its break-neck yet comfortable flying mechanics—including a few unique moments which you might not have expected from this game.

You can read our full review right here.

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This post appeared first on this site

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