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KAT VR’s Consumer VR Treadmill The Most Funded VR Peripheral In History


The KAT WALK C finishes its Kickstarter campaign with a stunning $1.66M in funding.

This past June we saw the reveal of the KAT WALK C, KAT VR’s first omnidirectional VR treadmill aimed specifically at the consumer market. Featuring a lighter, more compact design than its enterprise-focused counterparts, the KAT WALK and KAT VRMIS – ARENA, the KAT WALK C offers a more affordable entry point to the world of artificial locomotion.

The company launched an official Kickstarter campaign back in June and within just 24 hours the consumer-friendly treadmill had raised over $1 million in funding, blowing past its initial goal of $100,000. Last week the company ended the campaign after raising a grand total of $1.66 million in funding. This makes the KAT WALK C the most funded VR peripheral in history, second only to the Oculus Rift and Pimax.

“We would have never achieved that without your support, trust, and dedication. Within just 40 days, our project has been joined by 1399 wonderful virtual reality enthusiasts who pledged almost 1.7 million USD to bring our common dream to reality,” states KAT VR in a recent update.

“And that’s not all! What’s equally important – you have shared with us your own passion and love for VR. You have shared with us your honest feedback and suggestions. And you have shared your constructive criticism and expectations. Together with other supporters, you have created a true community, united by the common goal. All of that makes us more confident than ever that the era of Virtual Reality is already here – THANKS TO YOU!”

Composed of a low-friction base and specialized IMU-based footwear, the KAT WALK C allows players to physically walk, run, crouch, and strafe in VR. According to KAT VR, the treadmill is compatible with all major VR headsets, including the HTC Vive/Vive Pro, Oculus Rift/Rift S, PlayStation VR, Windows Mixed Reality, Pimax, and Valve Index.

For more information visit kat-vr.com/products/kat-walk-c.

Image Credit: KAT VR

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This post appeared first on this site

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