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Muse Simulation Theory VR Concert Experience Coming Exclusively To Oculus Quest


Stage Inc., creators of the the virtual entertainment app Stageverse, announced that rock band Muse will be bringing their 2019 Simulation Theory tour to virtual reality as part of a new experience developed for mobile devices and VR.

‘Muse’s Simulation Theory: Virtual Experience’ will launch on iOS and Android mobile devices this fall through the Stageverse app, and will launch for VR exclusively on Oculus Quest later this year. Stage told UploadVR that there’s no set release date for the Quest version at the moment, but the team is currently looking at sometime in Fall.

The Muse event will be the first event held in the Stageverse app, which creates virtual event spaces powered by the company’s proprietary engine. Users will be able to attend the event with a custom avatar, meet up with other attendees and experience a version of the band’s 2019 Simulation Theory tour in a “purpose-built virtual concert venue.” The event will use 360-degree footage captured last year at the band’s sold-out Madrid show combined with “show visuals reimagined for a 3D space” to create a new virtual event. Users will also be able to experience the show from multiple viewpoints and purchase “exclusive virtual merchandise from the band.”

Interestingly, it sounds like this will merge captured footage with new effects in environments designed specifically for virtual viewing. This marks a difference from other virtual live music offerings such as Oculus Venues, where you simply watch a recording in arena-style virtual seating, surrounded by other users who you can interact with.

Stage confirmed that while the main concert experience will be paid, users will still be able to explore the virtual Muse venue for free, which includes “some audiovisual experiences, virtual merch and interactive toys.”

“The music of Simulation Theory was conceived as a 50/50 blend of analog and electronic instruments, so our goal has always been to create experiences that redefine the human role in programming and technology,” said Muse frontman Matt Bellamy. “We can’t wait for our fans to be able to truly immerse themselves in our Simulation Theory world and take full advantage of everything that the Stageverse experience will offer.”

Muse’s Simulation Theory: Virtual Experience is set to launch soon for mobile devices, and will come to VR exclusively on the Oculus Quest this Fall. Keep an eye out for more details.

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This post appeared first on this site

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