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PS5 Supports Move, Aim Controllers, Free Camera Adaptor Coming For PSVR Users


Sony today confirmed some of our biggest questions about support for original PSVR games on the upcoming PS5 console, including about PS5 Move support.

For starters, yes, you’ll be able to use your original PlayStation Camera with the PS5, though it will need an adaptor. The camera is used to track the position of the headset and whichever controller you’re using, so it’s an essential part of the PSVR experience. Sony says it will send the adaptor to PSVR users “at no additional cost”, but further details will arrive at a later date.

Sony is also releasing a new camera for PS5, but it’s not clear if this camera will support the original headset too.

PS5 Move Support and More Confirmed

On that note, the DualShock 4, PlayStation Move and PSVR Aim controllers will all still work “with supported PSVR games on PS5.” While the DualShock 4 won’t work with new PS5 games, you will be able to connect these legacy devices to your console for specific use with backwards compatibility. Sony also confirmed that special controllers like flight sticks and racing wheels will all still work on PS5 too. Don’t worry, Ace Combat 7 fans, you should still be covered.

This clears up a few of the questions we have about backwards compatible PSVR games on PS5, which launches this holiday season. In the past, Sony has said that the console supports the “vast majority” of PS4 titles, so it’s very possible some existing PSVR games won’t work on the device. At the very least, we’ll hope to still bring games like Astro Bot and Blood & Truth over to the new console. Hopefully they’ll be able to benefit from PS5’s additional horsepower too, though again that isn’t entirely clear right now. Fingers crossed we at least get PS4 Pro-level support.

So that’s the past, what about the future? Here’s everything we know about a potential PSVR 2 at this point in time. Are you happy that PS5 Move support and other peripherals are confirmed? Let us know in the comments below!

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This post appeared first on this site

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