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Ready Player Golf Is A VR Golf Tournament In Pro Putt On Quest


Top Golf, a popular franchise of golfing facilities and entertainment venues, is hosting a virtual golf charity tournament inside the Oculus Quest VR golf game it published, Pro Putt. The tournament, named Ready Player Golf, costs a minimum of $100 to enter with all proceeds going to Doctors Without Borders.

Pro Putt is a VR golf game for Oculus Quest that strikes an intriguing balance between the authenticity of Tiger Woods PGA Tour line of games and Nintendo’s arcade-style Mario Golf. You can download and play the game now for $19.99 to start warming up.

Players can sign up either as a solo competitor or a team of four. If you’re signed up solo it’s at least $100 and a team of four is at least $400. You can donate more if you’d like and all proceeds are going towards Doctors Without Borders and are tax deductible for anyone in the United States.

The event kicks off on September 15th with a virtual Zoom meeting and then officially takes place from September 15th – 16th with an awards ceremony in EngageVR on September 17th. From what we can tell, winners in various categories will receive trophies.

Since this is a VR golf tournament that means all participants are required to obtain their own Oculus Quest and must have access to the Pro Putt game. Interestingly, the website specifically lists a company called Skipti for renting an Oculus Quest if you don’t own one already. We have no insight into this company’s operations or quality of service, but you can sign up on the website for details regarding Quest rentals. I don’t see a price listed nor do I see details regarding regional availability and shipping costs.

If you’re interested in supporting Doctors Without Borders and competing for a shot at winning some trophies and bragging rights, you can sign up for the tournament right here. Registration closes on September 8th.

You can also read our review for Pro Putt here. Then make sure and let us know what you think, and if you plan on participating, down in the comments below!

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This post appeared first on this site

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