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Real VR Fishing is Getting Social, Adds Multiplayer Update for Oculus Quest in August


When it comes to realistic fishing on Oculus Quest your only choice is Miragesoft’s Real VR Fishing but it is a solitary experience. That’s about to change as the developer has announced a multiplayer update for the standalone headset due to arrive next week.

Real VR Fishing

Called the ‘Together Edition’ update, for the first time the videogame will allow up to four players to enjoy some tranquil surroundings and cast a line together. Players will be able to select from real-world fishing spots, customise their avatars as well as buying new boats before heading out.

Of course, a multiplayer wouldn’t be any good without conversation so Real VR Fishing will include voice chat options to enable that social spirit.

Here’s the full list of features in the ‘Together Edition’ update:


  • Up to 4 players available in one room
  • Choose multiplayer server via region
  • Create or join in a room from “Multiplayer” Menu on the TV screen
  • Host will decide which location to visit for all the users in the same room.
  • See other players information (Name, Type of fish caught)
  • Add friends from the Multiplayer menu.


  • Voice chat automatically activated when users enters a room. 
  • Voice Chat option “Push to Talk” available from the Menu. 
  • When the other player is talking, their name will be highlighted in yellow

Avatar Customization

  • Room on the right side of your TV screen to customize the avatar.
  • Fishing Equipment you have purchased are displayed in the character customizing room.

Extra features

  • Renovation of the exterior Lodge design. Access to outside the Lodge is enabled
  • Can bring up a camera and take a screenshot and selfie, and holding camera with the users hand
Real VR Fishing

The ‘Together Edition’ update will go live on 6th August 2020 for Oculus Quest. As yet there’s no date for the Oculus Rift version. A Steam version is currently listed for release on 30th November 2020.

As further details for Real VR Fishing are released, VRFocus will keep you updated.

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This post appeared first on this site

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