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Renovate Dilapidated Homes With House Flipper VR for Oculus Quest This Week


Looking for something a little different to all the shooters and rhythm-action videogames on Oculus Quest? Later this week developer Frozen District may just have the answer, releasing a virtual reality (VR) version of its home renovation title House Flipper.

House Flipper VR
House Flipper VR – Oculus Quest

Originally released back in 2018 as a standard PC title, the studio has created two VR editions, a reworked version for Oculus Quest and a graphically-enhanced one for PC headsets like Oculus Rift and Valve Index.

“Originally, we were after creating a short VR experience based on House Flipper just for Oculus Quest. Later on, after receiving lots of feedback, the idea transformed into the concept of creating a full House Flipper VR game in two separate editions. During the development process, we planned everything out so that we will have the ability to deliver regular content updates in the future,” said Patryk Czajka, leader of Frozen District’s VR development team in a statement.

Which ever version you pickup, the core gameplay is the same, take rundown houses and spruce them up to make a profit. Unleash that inner interior designer by putting your own creative stamp on these virtual properties but most will need a clean first!

House Flipper VR
House Flipper VR – SteamVR

Unlike the standard version which simply required a click to remove junk, the VR version is much more physical. You’ll need to scrub counters and plaster walls, assemble stuff and of course decorate everything to a high standard. From flooring to furniture, you’ll be able to tailor each property to a unique design, even filling the fridge with food.

Challenges don’t solely revolve around flipping entire houses either. You’ll be given special jobs to complete such as overnight express cleaning after a party or even helping sort people’s family issues out, all in a bid to earn more cash.

House Flipper VR will launch for Oculus Quest on 27th August with the PC VR version hitting Steam on 24th September. Both will retail for $14.99 USD. Check out which other VR titles are coming this week and for further updates on House Flipper VR, keep reading VRFocus.

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This post appeared first on this site

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