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Sony Confirms Work On ‘Next-Generation’ VR Headset That Might Not Be PSVR 2


A recently-posted job listing from Sony Corp in Japan confirms that the company is working on a “next-generation VR head mounted display”.

The listing states (via Google Translate): “We are developing a next-generation VR head mounted display,” and the company is on the hunt for a team of around 15 people that will be “in charge of mechanical design of the lens barrel supporting the optical system, small and lightweight housing, heat radiation design, development of jig for optical system evaluation, etc.”

Sony Next Generation VR Headset In The Works

At first thought, this might appear to confirm work on a much-anticipated PSVR 2 headset for PS5, but it might not be as simple as that.

For starters, the job posting is directly from the wider Sony Corporation and not Sony Interactive Entertainment, the division of the company that runs the PlayStation operation. Plus, one part of the translated text states that the job is to develop a mechanism for a headset “with a view to five years from now”.

The translation isn’t entirely clear, but this could be suggesting that the role is to work on a headset to release five years from now, rather than a device releasing five years after the original PSVR, which launched in 2016. Could this instead be the beginnings of a headset that will succeed PSVR 2 like, dare we say it, PSVR 3? Or is the wider Sony Corp working on a VR headset beyond the PSVR branding – perhaps a standalone system or something for PCs?

Other interesting notes in the listing include mention of “delivering beautiful images and comfortable ease of use to customers”.

Whatever comes of this, it definitely seems like Sony is still committed to VR for the long-term. We know that PS5, which launches this holiday season, supports the original PSVR headset and there’s plenty of evidence to suggest PSVR 2 is in the works too.

Take note we can’t find when the listing itself was actually posted, though it’s listed as ‘New’ on Sony’s website and third-party agencies list page update dates between late July to early August.

What do you think this Sony next-generation VR headset could be? Let us know in the comments below!

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This post appeared first on this site

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