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Tactical Haptics Introduces New SaberGrip For Feedback In VR Sword Fights, Fishing


Tactical Haptics’ new controller form factor, SaberGrip, is aimed at delivering immersive VR sword fights, fishing games and much more.

Revealed today, the SaberGrip is shaped a little like a sword hilt and features the same haptic actuation as seen in the company’s other controllers, but the form factor gives it a more natural feel in certain types of experiences. One of those experiences is sword-fighting, so the company built a tech demo based around that concept you can see below.

In the experience, contact with the enemy’s sword, shield and body is felt via sliding plates that create a haptic illusion. Future updates to the demo could also include multiplayer support, so we can finally settle scores with more realistic-feeling sword battles. The controllers don’t feature the same modular design as some of the company’s other controllers, instead built with these specific types of experiences in mind.

In another example, Tactical Haptics also revealed a VR fishing demo. In this experience, you’ll feel the tug when trying to reel in a fish. Tactical Haptics says it developed the new style of controller after hearing interest from VR arcade partners. Seen below, the company also developed a two-handed version of the SaberGrip it says could be more beneficial for experiences like this.

Tactical Haptics 2-Handed SaberGrip

Finally, Tactical Haptics is today announcing a new version of its Multi-Pose magnetic design that fits the Oculus Quest controllers, bringing its tech in line with Facebook’s standalone headset. The company launched an Enterprise-level developer kit last year. We’re likely still some way from these controllers being ready for consumers to take home, though.

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This post appeared first on this site

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