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‘The Walking Dead Onslaught’ Gets New Gameplay Trailer, Late September Release Date


The Walking Dead Onslaught, the upcoming zombie VR game based on AMC’s TV show adaptation of the universe, has announced a release date of September 29th. Developer Survios published a new gameplay trailer highlighting the game’s zombie slaying action.

Not to be confused with The Walking Dead: Saints & Sinners—a VR game released in early 2020 by Skydance Interactive and based on the comic book universe—the upcoming Walking Dead Onslaught was originally due to launch in late 2019 but was delayed into 2020.

Today Survios announced the release date for The Walking Dead Onslaught on September 29th and made a Standard Edition and Deluxe Edition of the game available for pre-order with a discount and in-game bonuses. A new gameplay trailer was released alongside the announcement:

Survios is promising a full campaign where players will “embark on an original story following the events of the war with the Saviors. Players will fight as Rick, Daryl, Michonne, and Carol to gather needed resources to rebuild the settlement, restore society, and prepare for an onslaught of walker-slaying mayhem.”

The game boasts 24 weapons along with an infinitely replayable ‘Scavenger Mode’ which lets players fight their way through zombie hordes as they gather supplies.

Set to release on PSVR, Oculus PC, and SteamVR on September 29th, The Walking Dead Onslaught will be priced at $30 for the Standard Edition and $40 for the Deluxe Edition before a 10% pre-order discount.

Digital Pre-Order Bonuses: Offers exclusive Sheriff Rick and Hunter Daryl character skins, Gold Katana and Gold Knuckle Knife weapon skins, and a pre-purchase discount on participating platforms.

Digital Deluxe Edition: Includes Iconic Show Weapons Pack: Lucille, Rick’s Mace, The Red Machete and Tyreese’s Hammer, Alexandria Crafting Starter Kit, The Walking Dead Onslaught Mini-Soundtrack and Art Book. Additionally, purchases via the PlayStation Store will also receive a special PS4 Theme and Avatar pack.

There will also be a physical release of The Walking Dead Onslaught for PSVR available on OCtober 2nd in EUrope and October 13th in North America via Perp Games.

The release of The Walking Dead Onslaught will bring Survios full-circle, in a way. The studio was one of the earliest dedicated to VR game development and in its earliest days had been working on a motion controller-based room-scale VR prototype called Zombies on the Holodeck, well before commercial VR headsets had even been announced with motion controllers or room-scale tracking.

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This post appeared first on this site

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