These Fan-Made Oculus Quest Skins Will Leave You Drooling

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Oculus is missing out on a golden opportunity with these game-themed skins.

With over two weeks to go until the release of the Oculus Quest, fans patiently awaiting the arrival of the highly-anticipated standalone VR headset have been getting creative with their time as they countdown the days until the May 21st launch.  

Image Credit: u/CothilianImage Credit: u/Cothilian

Whereas a majority of users online have been busying themselves with various speculations and memes, one fan in particular has been hard at work conceptualizing a variety of Oculus Quest skins themed around some of the headsets most anticipated titles.

Image Credit: u/Cothilian

In a series of posts made on Reddit, user u/Cothilian showcases a selection of his unofficial mockups for potential Beat Saber, Robo Recall, and Super Hot-themed Quest releases. While the Super Hot edition features only one design, both the Beat Saber and Robo Recall editions feature a variety of options, each of which cooler than the next.

Image Credit: u/Cothilian Image Credit: u/Cothilian

In addition to these detailed game-themed skins, u/Cothilian also shows off a solid blue design that—while not as intricate as the Robo Recall or Beat Saber versions—is still a pleasant alternative to the standard jet black color of the Quest.

While Oculus has yet to reveal any information regarding potential visual customization, we did spot a glimpse of both blue and orange colored Quests during the companies arena demo of Dead and Buried at OC5; although they maintain these colors were just to help spectators distinguish teams.

Image Credit: u/Cothilian

While the future of official game-themed Quest headsets is murky, there’s no reason why third-party manufacturers can’t provide their own solutions to customization; if they can figure out how to play nice with the Quest’s multiple infrared sensors that is.


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