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Until You Fall, Pro Putt, FitXR & More all Part of VR Fitness Summit, Qualifiers now Open


In these lockdown times virtual reality (VR) has provided a great outlet for those wishing to stay fit and entertained at the same time. To help in this endeavour the Virtual Athletics League (VAL) has come up with the VR Fitness Summit, partnering with studios and companies to offer the VR community a chance to compete and win some cash, all in the name of staying healthy.

Pro Putt

The summit takes place in September with tournament finals and speaker panels. Before then there are a range of qualifiers taking place for all you interested VR gamers. The qualifiers began this week and run through to 3rd September. On offer is a $25,000 USD total prize pool across all the contests.

There are loads of videogames you can register for all depending on what you own, rhythm-action titles like Audio Trip and FitXR, intense boxing games like Creed: Rise to Glory and Thrill of the Fight, as well as The Walking Dead: Saints & Sinners, In Death: Unchained, Synth Riders and Until You Fall.

Details released about specific tournaments include Pro Putt by Top Golf which will feature a $5,000 prize pool with qualifiers running 17th – 23rd August. When it comes to the main summit itself only three videogames will be featured in the live finals, with Until You Fall the first to be confirmed. More details are expected this week.


While most of the titles mentioned have officially launched, Schell Games’ Until You Fall is still in Early Access at this present time. The studio confirmed back in June that the main launch would take place this fall, although no date has yet been mentioned.

The VR Fitness Summit will be held between 3rd – 12th September 2020. When it comes to the speaker sessions all the topics will revolve around VR fitness, discussing how new VR sports can be created or looking at gameplay mechanics like boxing and sword fighting.

As further details on the VR Fitness Summit are released, VRFocus will keep you updated.

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This post appeared first on this site

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