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VR Download: New Quest Leak Discussion Live In VR With Hand Tracking!


This week’s VR Download marked a major milestone for our virtual reality-based podcast, networked across 3 continents.

As usual our roughly hour-long meet up in VR covered the week’s news and what we’ve been doing. Harry Baker in Australia reviewed In Death and rated its impressive bow mechanics and deep world a 4/5. Meanwhile, I grappled with month five of self isolation in the United States with my kids by taking turns stealing acorns from a tree in Resolution Games’ fun party game Acron.

And oh what a week it was for VR news.

Discussing The New Quest Leak With Expressive Networked Hand Tracking

For the first time this week we were able to do the broadcast from our virtual studio live from three standalone Oculus Quests spread around the world with our actual hand movements tracked and networked for more natural and expressive communication.

In case you’re unfamiliar, we settled on Thursdays at 1 pm Pacific as a solid time to broadcast our VR Download live to YouTube. Our team is spread across the world and some of us haven’t even met one another. So we’re faced with varying Internet connections, seasons, weather and even time of day, and we sometimes use microphones and tracking systems with different qualities and capabilities. Even our studio built in-house by David Heaney using Unity and Oculus Avatars runs on ever-changing software systems. Altogether, this means our broadcasts are not without their occasional hiccups, but we’re proud of the progress we’re making to improve production quality while chronicling the rapidly evolving VR landscape.

We’re immensely thankful to our regular viewers who have been tuning in week after week and joining us on this journey. Now that we’ve unlocked hand tracking with Quest support there’s a lot more possibilities for us to think about in terms of guests we can have on and ways we can present information to our viewers.

This week we covered:

Check out the latest episode above and you can listen to the VR Download also on Apple, Google, Spotify, TuneIn/Alexa, Stitcher, and more usually within a couple of hours of airing. If you haven’t yet subscribed to the UploadVR YouTube channel and turned on notifications yet, we recommend it. We’ve started focusing on fewer and higher quality videos on our channel and we’d love to see you tune in live during our streams and VR Download to talk with us and our supportive community about the amazing virtual worlds we visit and the incredible technologies making them possible.

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This post appeared first on this site

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