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VR Power Oculus Quest Battery Pack Now Shipping Within A Few Weeks


The company behind the VR Power battery pack and counterweight that extends Oculus Quest battery life and makes the headset more comfortable is now shipping within one to three weeks.

An email to customers from Rebuff Reality offered an “apology to everyone who is still waiting for their order to arrive. COVID-19 really threw a wrench into the global supply chain and impacted us more than we ever thought imaginable.”

The email added that the company received its inventory and the fulfillment team is working now to get orders out. We reached out for clarity to Joe Sciacchetano, co-founder and CEO of Rebuff Reality, to ask about the availability of the VR Power accessory in particular since our readers seemed to find it pretty interesting when we reviewed it earlier this year before the pandemic kicked into high gear. Sciacchetano said if you order VR Power (which sells for $59.99) right now it should ship within one to three weeks.

The global pandemic threw a wrench into many plans for 2020 with Valve, Facebook and many others seeing major production and shipping delays. Despite the issues, though, Valve’s Index headset now accounts for almost 15 percent of VR headset use on Steam while the Oculus Quest accounts for more than 10 percent. It can still take some extended time to receive VR gear from the time you order it, but manufacturers generally seem to be catching up as the year wears on.

We should note also that recent reports indicate a new Oculus Quest is in the works that’s likely to be smaller and lighter. We expect Facebook to continue supporting the current Quest for years to come, however, and plenty of owners aren’t in the position to upgrade anyway. That makes a product like VR Power one of the  most impactful ways to upgrade your current Oculus Quest experience.

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This post appeared first on this site

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