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Watch: Onward 1.8.2 Update Improves Suburbia On PC, Makes Gunshots Louder


A new update for Onward is here and, though it’s still early days, it includes some key tweaks for Quest and PC VR players.

When Onward launched in late July we loved the Oculus Quest version, even if developer Downpour and publisher Coatsink had to make heavy technical sacrifices to get it on the system. In fact, we just rated the game highly on our updated Best Oculus Quest Games list. But the PC edition of the game also saw those same setbacks, resulting in a dramatic downgrade on maps like Suburbia.

This week’s 1.8.2 update doesn’t reverse the situation but does take some positive steps forward. Suburbia, for example, has seen some of its vegetation added back in on PC and had some lighting tweaks. Check out the update in the video below – it’s still a ways off the original but undeniably better than the original 1.8 update.

Another much-requested fix concerns gunfire. Fans weren’t happy with the muffled audio 1.8 introduced, but 1.8.2 makes gunshots louder, with further improvements to come. Plus there’s a range of other key fixes, like instances of player collision, broken map voting and voice chat issues. You can see the full changelog for the game here.

Following the outcry from the 1.8 update, Downpour made it possible for PC VR players to roll back to earlier versions of the game, but hopefully improvements like these will convince more players to migrate back to the most recent version of the game. Does the new Onward update make big strides for you or are you waiting to see what else is around the corner? Let us know in the comments below!

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This post appeared first on this site

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