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Wolf3D Raises $1.3M to Further Support Its Cross-game Avatar Platform


Wolf3D, a Tallinn, Estonia-based 3D scanning and avatar company, has raised $1.3 million in its latest funding round, something it says will help further improve its cross-game avatar platform.

The investment round includes support by Trind Ventures, Presto Ventures, Koha Capital, Spring Capital, Contriber Ventures, and various angel investors. This brings the company’s overall funding to $2.8 million.

Called Ready Player Me, the company’s software is said to allow anyone to create “a personal full-body avatar from a selfie,” which critically aims to be platform and game agnostic. Wolf3D says it can support “many different art styles of avatars for all kinds of game styles and genres.”

The company notes that its latest cash injection will fuel “the next level with full-body personal avatars for games.”

Image courtesy Wolf3D

Wolf3D has been developing 3D scanning tech since its founding in 2014. Six years later, the company is now making its avatar scanning technology available for small and mid-sized developers, as well as providing it to select companies for free.


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The company admits that a monolithic ‘metaverse’ is probably not the way it will all shake out in the future, which is why its building cross-platform services. The long-term goal, the company says, is to make its avatar tech “a link between many different virtual experiences, adding them together into one big virtual world that you can explore seamlessly with your avatar and the same set of friends.”

Food for thought: the company’s apparent ambitions depend upon either platform holders or groups of individual developers to implement their system in the first place. While there’s no telling what the VR landscape will look like in the future, if Wolf3D can provide a ready-made solution that’s flexible and good enough, it’s much more likely that an acquisition is in their future rather than taking on the difficult job of stitching together the still largely fragmented digital world as it stands today.

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